Silesia WP Foundation

We are rolling with WordPress!

We train, develop and support making dreams come true by bringing WordPress projects to life.

About the Foundation

We help you (everyone!) make friends with WordPress.

“It has always been the main goal of WordPress that it can be used by non-advanced users.”

/Grzegorzorz Zieliński/

We support in the realization of dreams. All those who plan to establish an online presence, build an online business or want to expand their knowledge and competence.

We are not convincing anyone to use WordPress. We believe it’s completely unnecessary! ?

Our Projects

Join and grow with us!


Silesia WordPress MeetUp

Silesian meetings of WordPress enthusiasts



A nationwide event for WP fans and enthusiasts


Departures with WordPress

More information coming soon!

Silesia WOrdpress Meetup

We organize meetings of the Silesian community of WordPress enthusiasts

Shorter WordUps and slightly longer MeetUps are time dedicated to your needs, development and new competencies. We select meeting topics and relevant specialists around them. Grateful for what is happening in our lives thanks to WordPress, we freely share our knowledge and support others.

  • Presentations
  • Workshop
  • Networking
  • Dedicated promotions
  • Business contacts
  • Great (not just) coffee
WorDCaMp Gliwice

Welcome to WordCamp Gliwice

We organized the first nationwide conference in Silesia, for more than 350 people – WordPress enthusiasts – in the spring of 2023. Behind us are more than 60 presentations, many workshops, business masterminds, new friendships and nights full of fun!

While we are planning the next such event for April 2024, you can join the group of people interested in the conference today. Click and join the waiting list to stay up to date with organizational information.

Who we are

Two women and lots of ideas!

We met on the run, while organizing WordCamp Gliwice 2023, and then we stayed together for a long time. After all, it turns out that if you survive the organization of such a large conference with someone then…. you can survives anything!

participants in the events

Silesia WP Partners